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Capsaicin Extraction
The following recipe is broken down into five procedures so that the entire process can be done in your spare time. It takes about a week from start to finish to produce a quality extract. Before, after, and during each of these procedures be sure to keep your hands CLEAN and NEVER touch your eyes, mouth, or nose if you get any of the pepper dust, extract, or alcohol on you. DO WEAR the protective devices. (I learned the hard way!) ALWAYS KEEP AWAY FROM OPEN FLAMES OR HEAT SOURCES! Alcohol is flammable and the vapors are explosive! Provide adequate ventilation! And YES, this means NO SMOKING! If you don’t like emergency rooms, DO NOT GET ANY OF THE LIQUIDS OR DUST IN YOUR EYES OR NOSE. Tools and Materials Needed: lots of dried red hot peppers 9 – (750 ml) Everclear brand 190 proof grain alcohol disposable facemasks plastic goggles latex or rubber gloves food chopper (food processor or blender) 12 - quart-size wide mouth glass canning jars w/lids large funnel w/strainer built in (fruit strainer) 1 gallon glass jug w/tight-fitting screw-on cap funnel big enough to hold a coffee filter coffee filters electric hotplate heat spreader pan to use as double boiler cooking thermometer 500 ml Pyrex flask w/one-hole stopper small ice bucket or plastic container large plastic tub Liebig condenser bag of ice water circulation pump potholder or cooking glove glass Pyrex pie pan tiny 1 ounce glass vials w/tight-fitting caps stainless steel scraper Procedure 1: Extraction Wearing the goggles, gloves, and facemask, (to protect you from any pepper dust that might be in the air) grind the dried peppers into tiny pieces with the food chopper. Then fill the 12 quart size jars with the chopped up peppers leaving an inch of space at the top. Tapping the jar to get contents to settle while filling will allow for more pepper in the jar. Pour in the alcohol slowly, allowing the air to escape from the bottom of the jar. Leave ½ inch of space at the top of the jar....
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