Capra's values instilled in his movies: It's a Wonderful Life and Pocketful of Miracles

Topics: It's a Wonderful Life, American Dream, Frank Capra Pages: 3 (1213 words) Published: December 12, 2013
Capra himself has many deeply instilled values and all of his films portray that being a great example for auteur theory. Though some of his films show these morales more forth right than others, all of them contain a bit of Capra somewhere, or in one of the characters. In Capra's films "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Pocketful of Miracles" there are many similarities and differences between Capra's characters, and thematic elements.

Though Capra is known for having very wholesome, American, do-gooders as his main men, this film goes slightly off course and has a good hearted, superstitious gangster. Compared to the all american, small business owning, dream filled George Bailey, Dave the Dude the gangster is unconventional at best. Both characters choose to do the right thing and have the same good heart that makes the film a Capra classic. In "Pocketful of Miracles" though, Dave the Dude does need a bit more persuading from his leading lady than George Bailey did. Bailey ultimately made all of his own decisions and was fully supported by his wife, whereas Dave needed some help realizing that he should help the women who 'gives him good luck' everyday from his fiancée Queenie. With George and Mary, both had good intentions for their community and their friends the whole time, whereas Dave and Queenie (or David and Elizabeth) have some other intentions that are superstitious or may hurry along their awaited wedding, and try to pass the buck off on each other.

Another theme in characters in Capra's films is the very prominent and strong female counterpart of the male character. Capra's films generally have a male leading character, but those men have women (usually fiancées, wives, or girlfriends) who are their to support them, balance them, and lead them in the right direction. When George Bailey loses hope in his life, his ever-loving wife Mary figures it out and gets him back on track. Similarly when Dave the Dude starts to go awry from helping Annie, Queenie...
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