Capitalism: A love story Movie review

Topics: Laissez-faire, English-language films, Working class Pages: 2 (329 words) Published: December 3, 2013
Movie Review: Capitalism: A Love Story

“Capitalism, a system of giving and taking -- mostly taking,” the highlight of Michael

Moore’s documentary, “Capitalism: A Love Story”. This quote rings a bell in our mind to reflect

this system, Capitalism, that we embrace so tightly to our nation. Moore incorporate humor and

juxtaposition in the film to point out the flaws in our system. The film showcase how middle

class families are getting remove from their homes due to inability to make payments to the bank,

how America is becoming a plutonomy in which the wealthiest 1% control the nation, and how

lobbyist destroy regulation (Smith’s idea of laissez faire) in our economy resulting short term

profit in expense of the general welfare. “What does all these have to do with me?” a typical

student might ask.

As a he/she may hope, the hard work put into the four years in high school will pay off by

getting into a good college. Why get into a good college? To get rich! Or more realistically for

most students, to maintain his/her middle class statues. Or First-Generation- American like me to

climb up the social ladder. But this film points out the unjust in the system and how capitalism is

destroying the middle class as the gap between the poor and the wealthy increase. The American

Dream as it seem become more of a drag for the poor than a form of motivation, and the wealthy

are using this against the poor; according to Citibank’s annual report, the poor is putting up with

America becoming a plutonomy because of the deep injection of the American Dream. The

solution might be government regulation and redistribution of wealth(Marx’s Soicalism). Of

course this film has to do with us; this film is a wake-up call for us students, to inspire us to do

something for our future. Sometimes we need the stimulus to fight and this movie is it.
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