Capitalism: A Love Story

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Capitalism: A Love Story

America is one of the most powerful countries in the world. This is the land of opportunity. This is the country were you have hope of becoming more than what your parents were. The film Capitalism: A Love Story, reveals some of the things the media wont. The filmmaker Michael Moore, defines capitalism as greed. He shows us how capitalism is just the greed of the rich and the top CEOs. I agree with Moore, I believe that capitalism has to do with taking from the ones who has less and giving it to the rich.

In this film, Moore shows how the big banks take homes from the owners and resell them at a lower price to new buyers. This is an example of how greed can be the definition of living in a capitalist society. Instead of the banks helping the current owners keep their home, the bank resold the home to earn a bigger profit. Capitalism revolves around making money. Moore shows viewers that capitalism is revolved around the rich and the top CEO. Capitalism has more to do with the rich than the middle and lower class.

Moore gives us a glimpse of how some people with power care very little about who they step on while increasing their profits. For instance, Moore shows viewers a judge in Pennsylvania who was putting teens into PA Child Care, a juvenile detention center, in order to receive more money. Every child that was put in PA Child Care was to earn more money for the detention center, including the judge. Moore shows us how money can make you ruin the life of innocent people just get a little bit richer.

In this film, money is the root to all the horrible things that have happened to the middle class American people. All of these people became victims of people greed. Capitalism is about making the rich more rich. Why are the banks getting bailouts? Banks are making the mistakes and the American people have to pay for them. In the film, a company owned by Bank of America, closed their doors and only gave their workers...
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