Capitalism in a Global Economy

Topics: Globalization, Culture, Economic development Pages: 3 (2086 words) Published: November 1, 2014
Introduction Due to the rapid development of globalization, more and more problems appear in the business. It is a ample significance for the companies to identify and cope with complicated multicultural perspective of economic problems. Descriptions of intercultural relations in the company belong to definite principles and standards that assist workers make perfect behavior and work harder. In addition, the globalization brings big changes to peoples lives. The forms of peoples lives are really different from before. The objective of this essay is to describe the problem and solution innate in the process of globalization. It would be divided into the following parts The first part of the paper is to introduce the background of the article. And then it will discuss how the globalization processes affect the chromatics, proxemics and hierarchical structures in the business world. There will be a conclusion in the end of the paper. The process of the globalization With the development of economy, the connection between people and countries is more and more closely. The connection includes not only the link inside the countries but also includes between countries (Johnson, 1997). The ties between the countries and the economy are increasingly close. There is more and more communication between people. In the modern world, most people have already had the global consciousness. In general, the globalization first happened in the field of economy. Along with the development of the time slowly, national politics, economy, culture, science and technology and way of life, ideology, and so on, they link closely to each other, and form a full range of diversity of globalization (Craig, 2012). From the point of the economics, globalization is a process of the capital of different countries to get tighter. From the perspective of the economic development in the modern world, globalization is more of the expansion of the market economy system in the world. Globalization has...

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