Capitalism and Its Self-Destructive Self-Consumption

Topics: Wage, Employment, Human Pages: 4 (1685 words) Published: June 23, 2013
or the first 21 years of our existence we are supposed to be schooled, prepped, and pruned for a job that we might not get, or for that matter enjoy, so that we can maybe one day get a "guarantee" of a life that we are not even sure we want. This uncertainty is perpetuated by the fixation humanity has with the future. People are willing to sacrifice the present moments of their lives, in hopes of one day achieving the ability to fulfill the desires that they hold at bay. The issue is that the future is not a tangible substance. It cannot be manipulated and contorted into a concrete foundation upon which to build our existence. Fear, of every second that has not happened, has taken the human experience hostage. Trepidation for what is to come has instilled a belief that we must be self-reliant, that we must face the adversities of life alone. It has both paralyzed and blinded us, rendering us unable to see, or for that matter utilize, the most fundamental aspect of our existence: community. Frustrations with the current social order, and its affixation with capitalism, have manifested across the globe in the forms of protests, speeches, and riots. The voices of countless individuals clearly convey that the need to rectify the fundamentals flaws of our global infrastructure is dire. xxxxxxx. Feelings of anger, and disdain with our current state, while understandable—and, for that matter justifiable—cannot be allowed to erupt into violence. Every attempt to demonize and alienate certain individuals or groups as criminals of capitalism, will only further divide the collective population. Individuals of the “one percent” are victims of an ideological monstrosity that has plagued the minds of the collective. The imbalance of wealth is but a symptom of an overarching sickness. I will not pretend that peace marches, and witty signs will reinvent anything besides our understanding of what a hippy is. Instead I decided to look at economics at the most basic level, which...
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