capital structure analysis

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Robbin S. Stephens
Bachelor of Commerce, University of British Columbia, 1980

Master of Business Administration

In the Faculty
Business Administration

ORobbin S. Stephens 2002
Simon Fraser University
August 2002

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Ms. Robbin S. Stephens


Master of Business Administration

Title of Project:

Strategic Analysis of TELUS in the Canadian Conferencing

Supervisory Committee:

Dr. E. Bukszar
Associate Professor
Senior Supervisor
Faculty of Business Administration

Dr. Carolyne Smart
Associate Professor
Second Reader
Faculty of Business Administration

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Executive MBA Program

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Title of Thesis/Project/Extended Essay

Robbin Stephens


This paper will provide a strategic analysis of TELUS as a Conference Service Provider (CSP) in the Canadian Conferencing Industry. TELUS is a communications company, also known as a Telephone Company (or Telco). TELUS provides data, Internet and wireless services to

connect Canadians to each other and the world. Conferencing services are included within TELUS' product and service offerings to the public.

The Conferencing services reviewed in this paper include: Audio-conferencing, Video Conferencing, and Web Conferencing (sometimes known as Data Collaboration). Audio and Video conferencing services are nearing maturity in their product life cycle. Web conferencing is poised for tremendous growth in the corning years.

Canadian Telephone Companies (Telcos) andlor independent CSPs from Canada or USA, which specialize in providing conferencing services, provide conferencing services in Canada. The Conferencing industry is a fiercely competitive one. The Conferencing industry is in a state of flux

as CSPs integrate their service offerings. Independent conference services (audio, video or web) are integrated within companies to provide a one-stop-shop opportunity for customers.

This paper displays the results of a competitive forces analysis on the Canadian Conferencing industry, a Conferencing industry analysis, and a strategic fit and internal analysis of TELUS in the market place.

In loving memory of my mother Dorothy Hazel (Maclean) Stephens who passed away mid term while I was completing the MBA program - in acknowledgement for her support,

encouragement and complete and utter faith in my ability to complete the program.

With thanks to my father, Albert George Stephens, who supported me during the program, and who also supplied some background TELUS information to my study team on more than one occasion while we were completing the MBA program.

Special thanks to my fiends and h i l y who gave their support and understanding and never complained about my need to do school work instead of joining them for different events; this degree may not have been completed without your support and understanding.


Thank you to TELUS for supporting the completion of both the...
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