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capital punishment should not be abolished

By IH2061 Apr 21, 2015 474 Words
Capital Punishment
For a long time now, society has been trying to figure out whether a crime so heinous exists for which a death penalty is needed to avenge the victim. Many argue that capital punishment is an abomination as the people who carry out the act are playing God and it is not a humane form of punishment. However, I disagree with that notion, since some crimes are so heinous, capital punishment seems like the only way the perpetrator can be punished and the victim avenged. Capital punishment sends a clear message to all that the crime for which this punishment was meted out will not be tolerated at all. Lifelong imprisonment, however, does not enforce this idea, as it does not seem as harsh to some and makes the law look too sympathetic towards the criminal as compared to the victim. A punishment which fails to make an example of the perpetrator and scare future perpetrators is no punishment at all. And what about the victim? Does the innocent victim have no right to be avenged? As Source F points out, “it cheapens the life of an innocent murder victim to say that society has no right to keep the murderer from ever killing again.” Therefore, capital punishment not only “deters violent crime” (Source G) but it also protects other citizens from being harmed ever again. Lifelong imprisonment, however, does not guarantee the security of others as a breakout is entirely too possible and also possibilities of parole may endanger the lives of the people who testified against him. Putting aside moral obligations, capital punishment is a better option for crimes like murder as the “cost of imprisoning someone for life is much more expensive than executing that same person” (Source A). So financially speaking, a death penalty is more beneficial for a government than lifelong imprisonment. It is also more beneficial for the society as the money used to imprison someone can instead be used to improve the fundamental facilities needed for a prosperous society. Isn’t it better that by taking a life, so many other lives can be improved? Also, if lifelong imprisonment costs more and still does not diminish the threat or deter crime, why should extra money be spent on such criminals? The money would be better spent if rehabilitation centers were built for those who actually show signs of turning over a new leaf and becoming better people. Murderers on the other hand, are usually beyond the point of return and it is futile to spend extra on such criminals. Therefore, it can be concluded that capital punishment is morally and financially a better form of retribution for some criminals than any other form of punishment. So why should such a punishment be fought against when it serves the society in a more just and beneficial way?

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