Capital Punishment Should be Abolished

Topics: Capital punishment, Murder, Prison, Crime, Penology / Pages: 6 (1301 words) / Published: Apr 14th, 2014
Capital Punishment: The Cruel and Nonessential Justice The death penalty is the ultimate punishment prisoner’s pay for their crimes. Started in Western European countries, it has been around since the Eighteenth century B.C. Britain influenced America to practice the process of the death penalty. The United States itself has in record 1,188 people executed since 1977 when the death penalty was reinstated. It is legal in thirty-two states, more then half of the states nationwide. Some people think capital punishment is necessary and the top crimes should be punished with death. While others say it is a violation of the Eighteenth amendment in The Bill of Rights, the use of cruel and unusual punishment and that these criminals should spent long years in prison thinking and rectifying the damage they have caused to innocents. To a lot of people that favor the death penalty, capital punishment is the reparation for the damage they have caused to a victims family; however in several cases it didn’t end that way. The loss of a loved one is always shocking, shattering, irrevocable and painful the family of the victim only hold and hope the execution of the murderer will bring calm and relief, but when the day of the execution has arrived, nothing seems to change the pain still continues. No relief had been granted back, nothing is to be eased. Many of these broken families have founded their own groups like the “Murder Victims Families for Reconciliation and The Journey of Hope” for example. They are opposed against the death penalty and believe they are much different from murderers who have taken loved ones from families demonstrating their differences by the refuse to sink to the level of a murderer. Capital Punishment is an unnecessary, uncivilized in theory and a useless process, which may have brought the executions of wrong convicts. It is an irreparable crime that the Government perpetrates without consequences; to many people an overlooked

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