Capital Punishment Essay

Topics: Death Penalty, Murder, Prison Pages: 3 (1036 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Capital Punishment
In society, there are cases where we have to punish the criminal so that they would learn their lesson and stop committing crimes. There are many different ways of punishing the criminals and one of them is Capital Punishment, also known as, death penalty. Death Penalty has been a controversial issue for as long as we can remember. Some people support the idea of death penalty because they assume, a life for a life. On the other hand, the death penalty has been viewed as cruel and unrealistic. To me, it is a cruel punishment that should be overlooked and replaced. There are cases in death penalty when an innocent suspect has been sentenced to death. It is unfair to the innocent people to be executed for something they did not do. If the Courts of Justice were to misjudge a person and claim them to be guilty, they cannot fix their mistake once that innocent person is killed. Executing an innocent is just as wrong as any murderer who kills someone for their own reasons. Robespierre, a well-known French revolutionist, once said, “Human judgments are never so certain as to permit society to kill a human being judged by other human beings….Why deprive ourselves of any chance to redeem such errors?”(Marquart). It is unjust for us to make judgments about each other and even more unjust to make wrongful accusations. The Courts of Justice makes errors, but we can’t allow innocent people to be sentence to death on accident. John Stuart Mill, a famous philosopher, states that death penalty is wrong to the innocents, and we cannot make up for all the wrongful executions, “If by an error of justice an innocent person is put to death, the mistake can never be corrected; all compensation, all reparation for the wrong is impossible”(Black). The courts of justice cannot afford to make mistakes, because it causes irreversible harm. Death penalty is considered an evil act because it is a cruel punishment. It is cruel to punish the victims with death because...

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