Capital Punishment and Torture: Unconstitutional or Junstice?

Topics: Torture, Capital punishment, Amnesty International Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: October 8, 1999
Capital punishment and torture are often looked down on in today's societies because they are viewed as cruel and unconstitutional, but perhaps they would help in more ways then we would like to admit. They can be beneficial in many ways such as encouragement to be truthful, encouragement to live by the laws, and as a source of punishment. Capital punishment and torture are thought to be too painful, and the person doing the punishment is also committing a crime.

Many people agree with capital punishment and torturing. Capital punishment can be used as a threat, if broken, it will be a promise. Also knowing that there is the possibility of a death sentence gives people the incentive not to commit a crime.Torture is also a very helpful method of punishment. This works in many countries such as Singapore. In Singapore, many people are caned because of doing things that we may just get a warning for doing. Do you actually see the same person committing a crime twice? No, because everyone in Singapore is sure they will be caned if the crime is committed again. "It is generally assumed that torture is impermissible, a throwback to a more brutal age" (Levin 92). Capital punishment is said to be unconstitutional because people are not the one's to make the choice of life or death; God is. Many people say that torture takes mankind back in civility when people need to be growing intellectually. Perhaps it does set us back to the middle age when people savagely cut off people's hands for steeling and tongues for lying. Today's society needs to concentrate on developing new ways to get along and live in peace with one another. Everyone knows that in today's society peace in greatly needed .

If a terrorist was to have an atomic bomb in Manhattan Island that is set to detonate at noon on July 4th unless his requests are met, would you resort to torture? What if he was caught at 10am on the day the bomb will detonate? Since he is caught he prefers death...
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