Capital Punishment

Topics: Lethal injection, Death Penalty, Capital punishment in the United States Pages: 5 (1876 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Mackenzie Klein
William Feltt
English 1001G-032
20 November 2011
The Real Murder: Capital Punishment
In life there are always rules and right ways to accomplish tasks; some take the high road and others tend to take the low road. For the people that choose the low road, there is capital punishment. This consists of several forms of execution and is only used in high crime cases. Capital punishment has been used for centuries and ever since the existence of human beings there has always been severe forms of executions. Today however, there are mainly three types used including: lethal injection, hanging, and stoning. All forms of capital punishment are ineffective in their purposes and unjust in human morals. Lethal injection is the most commonly used form of the death penalty today. This is a very extensive process that is carried out by the fatal mixture of three drugs. The person is restrained in a gurney and on signal from the warden a dose of sodium thiopental is given to them to cause unconsciousness. The next step is to inject pancuronium bromide, a muscle relaxer, which will disable the lungs and diaphragm. Last, fatal cardiac arrest is induced by potassium chloride being injected (“Methods of Execution”). This process may sound like a full proof procedure; however, there are still many kinks that still need to be corrected in the lethal injections. There are too many potential problems and negatives with lethal injections. Prisoners have been known to resist the intravenous line and may not respond regularly to the drugs. The execution team may not be able to find a vein and give the wrong drug mixture (“Lethal Injection”). Finding the proper vein can be very painful, lethal injections are supposed to be humane and cause no pain at all. This is a contradiction to the fact that the system is not painless for one hundred percent of its users. Some may argue that these people deserve the punishment, however, if we do posses human rights, then causing anyone pain intentionally would be the complete opposite. The laws of the United States should not be able to cause harm to any individual. This method can also be unsuccessful and have to be repeated multiple times for the regular effect. According to CBC News, in December of 2006 it took thirty-five minutes and a second dose of the standard lethal injection to kill, Angel Nieves Diaz (“CBC”). The treatment is not a humane way to accomplish the execution because it is not proven that there is no pain. If the patient is not completely unconscious then they will suffer unbearable amounts of pain. If the drug parcuronium bromide is given, then they will not be able to show any signs of harm too. This is completely unjust that these people have to suffer through the pain and die silently without a voice. “Because of the potential for masking pain, the American Veterinary Medical Association has rejected the use of paralyzing agents like pancuronium bromide in animal euthanasia. In states like Tennessee and Texas … is banned for use on animals; yet it continues to be used on humans” (“Lethal Injection”). This quotation demonstrates how inhumane these drugs can really be, if they are not to be used for animals, and then they most certainly should not be for human use. The controversy on this form on execution has made unnecessary problems for it to be still in use. There has been a shortage on several of the drugs needed to carry out the lethal injections. Some states are even looking for alternatives to these missing drugs. However, some think different about this shortage. “…Because the firm earlier this year sent several letters to several states objecting the use of its product in executions, questions have been raised about whether the supply slowdown might be intentional” (Ward). If the suppliers of the lethal drugs do not want their company associated with lethal injection, then this action would have to prove that there is a problem with injecting the drugs...

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