Capital Punishment

Topics: Capital punishment, Lethal injection, Electric chair Pages: 3 (1119 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Marx’s critique of capitalism
Capital punishment is very unjust. It is not up to man to decide another person faith. You only get one time to live and your time to die shouldn’t be decided by the corrupt justice system. People who have committed crimes or even accused of crime have been murdered which is unfair. The guillotine was used to carry out many executions in England and throughout the world. The guillotine was used to cut the head of those who committed crime or those who was accused of committing a crime. The guillotine was a short painful death but it was an act of brutal murder. They government seen the negative publicity the guillotine was receiving, so they updated their death penalty to the electric chair. The electric chair was less bloody but more painful. The electric chair was used to kill the victim by sending large amounts of electricity to the victim’s body until they were deceased. The electric chair was involved but water on the victims head to speed up the process, but sometimes executioners would be corrupt or forget to put the water on the victims head. When the water is not placed on the victims head it burns the victims, causing a slow and painful death. There was so many cases of the electric chair gone wrong, which made the government once again change their method of death to lethal injections. Lethal injection is the quickest form of death and comes to in three parts. First the victim is given anesthesia to go into a deep sleep without feeling the pain, then the victim is give a shot to slow down the breathing, finally the victim is given a shot to stop their heart. All of these act of forms of murder which is unfair. Karl Marx believes in justice at its own will. In the bible it states and eye for an eye which is basically what you do to other shall be done to you. I agree with Marx view on capital punish because capital punishment goes against the rules of the bible, an act of evil, and judgment should only be left in God’s...
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