Capital Punishment

Topics: Death Penalty, Murder, Crime Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Capital Punishment
Capital punishment is a very controversial issue, that when looked at from the belief of moral and immoral, there is no true right or wrong side. However, when capital punishment is looked at from the point of view of real subjects and numbers, it actually is an inexpensive and fast form of punishment, decreases crime, and promotes equal treatment. Thus, capital punishment benefits America as a whole and should be used on individuals who commit first-degree murder.

There are millions of Americans who commit serious crimes, such as first-degree murder, every year. Normally, when an individual commits a first-degree murder, they are sentenced to life in prison. Though this is more punishment on the prisoners’ behalf, that country is actually suffering by the giving them special attention that they need in order to serve their time. First off, prisoners need medicine when they are sick to make sure they are alive and well. They also need the attention of a private doctor since they are confined, which are very costly. Secondly, they consume a large supply of food yearly, which is expensive if calculated. Lastly, there is a lot spent on security guard labor, just to watch the prisoner twenty-four/seven. Thus, it is more expensive to keep the prisoners alive who committed first-degree murder, than to execute them. Instead, this money could be put towards the good of community projects, such as building schools or paying teachers, rather than keeping criminals alive. Furthermore, capital punishment decreases crime in general. Prisoners commit a great deal of crime in and out of prisons. Though in solitary confinement, it is easy for them to transfer messages back to the general population and onto the streets of civilians. For example, there are many prominent drug dealers who reside in solitary confinement for crimes of first-degree murder that are gang related. These dealers control the drug trade and violence by passing notes and letters to...
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