Capital Punishment

Topics: Capital punishment, Crime, Death row Pages: 7 (2497 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Capital Punishment and the Death Penalty
Capital punishment exist in today’s society as citizens of the United States should we have the right to take an individual life. As illustrated throughout numerous of studies the death penalty is an unfair process seven out of ten deaths handed down by the state courts from 1973 to 1995 were overturned when appeal and the seven percent were later found to be innocent. Such as the Dobie Williams case which took place July 8, 1984. Dobie Williams an African American male with an IQ of 65(mentally retarded) who was convicted of killing a white lady by the name of Sonja Knippers. Sonja Knippers was stabbed several times while using the restroom in her Louisiana home. Her husband reported “she screamed a black man killed me”. So the police gathered up three Black male and Dobie Williams was one of the men. He was arrested at his grandfather’s house while he was asleep at 2:30 Am. The police have no legal proof that he took part in this crime. Nevertheless, according to the crime scene investigators, their was a bloodstain on the curtain and a dark pigmented piece of skin on the brick ledge of the bathroom window, through which the killer supposedly entered and escaped. Within a week the all White jury selected a guilty verdict was rendered and a death sentenced imposed based on the investigator evidence and the police testimony. The police testified that Dobie Williams admitted to killing Sonja Knipper. Likewise, the state crime lab said the blood match with Dobie Williams and two in one hundred thousand Black people. The courts didn’t take into consideration Dobie IQ was below the normal, has rheumatoid arthritis, and fingers gnarled and the left knee is bad. Most importantly the blood stains that occurred on the curtain their was a chance it wasn’t his blood. Yet it was took into consideration he is a Black male, has a record of theft so chances are he is a killer as well. So he spent 14 years in Louisana State Penitentiary, given 11 execution dates and finally received his official execution on January 8, 1999. Overall, on January 5, 1999, GeneScreen Lab raw data was proven to have bad blood work data. According to Dobie’s later study On Gene Screen Lab the bloodstain that was found on the curtain didn’t belong to Dobie Williams. The state would not permit Dobie’s lawyer to appeal the case because it was close. Although more facts have been found which prove his innonence it was not taken into consideration. He was still executed. It has been proven that many people of all races had been wrongly convicted of crimes and put to death. According to Sister Helen Prejean studied, more than 500 documented cases in which innocent people have been convicted of homicide in the past century and 175 or more were sentenced to death. Currently there are more than 3,335 inmates on death row. The death penalty continues to be a major problem for several reasons its purposely served the masses, harms people of color and the poor, permits people to shed innocent blood and it is a costly process.

For instance, the poor are underrepresented because they can’t afford the top notch attorneys. The best services are provided for the rich because they have the money to pay for them. Capital plays a major factor in getting convicted of a crime or not. First money speaks on behalf of everything in a capitalist society. Secondly, criminal cases is an expensive procedure and a client must be financially stable to pay for their own defense lawyer and any other service that may be needed, which will prohibit a client from accepting a plea bargain-reducing the charge in exchange of guilt. So capital plays an important role to freedom. Chances of the higher class getting executed is very low one or two wealthy individuals out of every thousand received execution. Yet the poor can’t afford the best attorneys so they are unfortunate to received the death penalty. Next, people of color face serious...
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