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Cape Breton Wallcoverings Problem
The problem situation in the cape Breton Wallcovrings case is to expand or not to expand at this time. After only one year of operation Cape Breton Wallcoverings has reached the maximum capacity of production. Expanding is necessary to meet the market demand at this point. But with only 5% of staff being experienced in manufacturing wallpaper, and with the financial pressure Cape Breton wallconerings is facing at the time, is the expansion possible, is it the right choice and is it going to help Cape Breton Wallcoverings to reach goals and demands while still providing cash fllow.

Strengths of Cape Breton Wallcoverings
When Cape Breton Wallcoverings had the official opening of the plant in the Northside Industrial Park, the federal and provincial government officials called Cape Breton wallcovering a success story. The plant had the latest technology and equipment plus they had a design center that helped them and produce a variety of highly unique wallcoverings with the best quality that competed in the market. These machines with their quick change over and capabilities gave Cape Breton Wallcoverings the ability to reflect the industry need of wallpaper, they gave more selection and produced 500 single-roll. A big advantage and strength Cape Breton Wallcoverings had is that it was autonomous and had its own accounting, shipping, sales, marketing and design department. This makes Cape Breton Wallcoverings a free standing business and not just a production facility. Cape Breton Wallcoverings have one of the most effective promotional tools in the industry of wallpaper one of them is the wallcovering books collection. Beside the company offers a high quality of vinyl base, blown vinyl and flat screen covering. Even though Cape Breton Wallcoverings had only 5% of their staff experienced in wallpaper manufacturing but these people were training staff as an on-the-job training and they supervised all the work that was being done while training, they acted as role models and coaches to the untrained employees. With all that training employees had become more knowledgeable about the equipment and the even could do repairs themselves. Cape Breton Wallcoverings has also planned to invite experts to the field to provide more training to the employees. As a result of all the training Cape Breton Wallcoverings had very little employee turnover or absenteeism

occurred at the plant and Cape Breton Wallcoverings also attributed this to the team approach the company had in running the business as the employees were always encouraged to discuss any difficulties or suggestion they had to their supervisors and that created a team environment for the employees. Cape Breton Wallcovering employees took pride in their work and they had loyalty, dedication and their pride was shown in the plant and in the production, they believed in hard work and valued employment. Cape Breton Wallcoverings employees had their hourly wages compared to average and sometimes even above the regular wages of Cape Breton. Beside that the company had decided to put in an association that the workers run to give them a sence of security, consistency and helps set up the rules for every employee and worker to know. When Cape Breton Wallcoverings gravure machine operate in full capacity it could produce 2.9 million single rolls in a year and the rotary machine could produce 3.8 million rolls a year.

Weaknesses of Cape Breton Wallcoverings
One of the biggest weaknesses Cape Breton Wallcoverings had was that most of their employee had no experience in the wallcovering industry and manufacture, every employee in the plant had started a new career path, even people with previous experience in wallcovering they had new job duties that they were not experienced in, which made every position in the plant considered to be a training position. Employees in the production department had stared from the bottem...
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