Cape: Submit and Internal Assessment

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(ii )

Introduction to Internal Assessment Regulations and Procedures Applicable to Internal Assessment Reminders to Principals The Compilation and Submission of Internal Assessment Scores Moderation Internal Assessment Requirements SUBJECT GUIDELINES Accounting Applied Mathematics Art and Design Biology Caribbean Studies Chemistry Communication Studies Computer Science Economics Electrical and Electronic Technology Environmental Science Food and Nutrition French Geography (i ) 6 9 11 14 16 18 20 23 26 29 31 34 36 39 1 2 2 2 3 5

Geometrical and Mechanical Engineering Drawing History Information Technology Law Literatures in English Management of Business Mathematics Physics Sociology Spanish

41 44 47 50 53 56 58 60 62 65

(ii )

Internal assessment is an integral part of candidate assessment in the course covered by the syllabus. It is intended to assess certain knowledge, skills and attitudes that are associated with the subjects and are not easily assessed in external examinations. The activities constructed under Internal Assessment are linked to the syllabus and should form part of the learning activities to enable the candidate to achieve the objectives of the syllabus. During the course of study for the subject, candidates are awarded marks by their teachers for specified knowledge, skills and attitudes they demonstrate as they undertake their Internal Assessment assignments. These marks contribute to the final marks and grades that are awarded to candidates for their performance in the examination. Two distinct sets of guidelines (provided in the syllabus) for selecting appropriate tasks are intended to assist teachers and candidates in selecting assignments that are valid for the purpose of Internal Assessment. The guidelines for assessing the candidates’ assignments are intended to assist teachers in awarding marks that are reliable estimates of the achievement of candidates in the Internal Assessment component of the course. In order to ensure that the scores awarded by teachers are not out of line with the Council’s standards, the Council undertakes the moderation of a sample of the Internal Assessment assignments marked by the teachers. Internal Assessment provides many opportunities for teachers and candidates to organise the learning activities of selected sections of the curriculum to meet the individual needs of each candidate. It facilitates feedback to the candidate at various stages of the experience. This helps to build the self-confidence of candidates as they proceed with their studies. Internal Assessment also facilitates the development of the critical skills and abilities emphasised by the subject and enhances the validity of the examination on which candidate performance is reported. Internal Assessment, therefore, makes a significant and unique contribution to both the development of relevant skills and the testing and rewarding of candidates for the development of those skills. The Caribbean Examinations Council seeks to ensure that the Internal Assessment scores are valid and reliable estimates of accomplishment. The guidelines provided in the syllabuses are intended to assist in achieving this objective. The regulations and guidelines pertaining to the completion and submission of Internal Assessment remain the same for the CAPE Diploma and the Associate Degree. • • The CAPE Diploma will be awarded for the satisfactory completion of a programme of at least six Units including Caribbean Studies within grade ranges I-V. All candidates must register for the Associate Degree during the year of expected completion. To be awarded the Associate Degree candidates must attain seven Units including Caribbean Studies and Communication Studies within Grade ranges I-V in any of the following areas: - Business Studies -...
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