Cape Sociology Qustions

Topics: Sociology, Demography, Caribbean Pages: 4 (784 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Module 1 - Population Studies
1. Discuss the Malthusian theory of population with respect to Caribbean demographic changes.

2. A large working class ensure a reserve army of labour. Discuss the relvance of this assumption with reference to any named Caribbean society.

3. Caribbean societies are currently in stage five of the demographic transition according to Jamaican demographer George Roberts. Evaluate the pros and cons of Roberts Caribbean demographic transition theory.

4. "The Caribbean is characterised by a dual sex labour market". Critically examine this statement with reference to Caribbean territories.

5. The Caribbean region has been noted to be an area of high levels of migration. With reference to One or Several Caribbean territories, discuss this view.

6. Caribbean development has been hindered by cultural resistance. With reference to any named Caribbean territory highlight the merits and de-merits of this assertion.

7. Can fertility control measures contribute to enhanced socio-economic development in Caribbean territories?

8. Caribbean political leaders such as Sir Grantley Adams (Barbados), Sir Norman Manley (Jamaica)and Dr. Eric Williams(Trinidad) believed in the principle of enhancing Human Capital. Assess the advantages and disadvantages of the Human Captial theory in its application to Caribbean societies.

9. Can the age-sex composition of a population influence its potential for development?

10. Neo-Malthusian theory can be used as an effective policy for population control in the Caribbean. Evaluate this assumption.

11. Critically assess the demographic perspectives of Karl Marx and Thomas Malthus with respect to population growth.

12. With reference to at least ONE society, outline and assess ONE of the following population theories:

a. Malthusianism

b. Marx's theory of population

c. The Demographic Transition theory

13. What is the demographic perspective?

Module 2 - Social Order,...
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