Cape Horn and Nicaragua Canal

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1. Puritans fled Europe in order to:
a. Become acquainted with potential native peoples
b. Exercise freedom of the press
c. Practice freedom of religion
d. Reestablish the Holy Roman Empire
2. The Seven Years War, called the French and Indian War by the Colonists: a. Was the precursor to the American Revolution
b. Was a conflict related to European colonization
c. Primarily took place in Canada
d. Ended European conquests
3. Before the Civil War, to which of the following did Southern states object? a. An increase in Southern tobacco production
b. An increase in tariffs on Northern manufactured goods
c. An increase in western mining for gold
d. An increase in the voting rights of slaves
4. The 13 colonies did not include:
a. Delaware
b. Maine
c. South Carolina
d. Virginia
5. Marbury vs. Madison was a landmark Supreme Court decision that established the precedent of judicial review. Judicial review is congruous with which of the following aspects of U.S. government? a. Checks and balances

b. Federalism
c. Separation of church and state
d. States rights
6. The French Revolution took inspiration from the American Revolution. How do the revolutions differ? a. The central government established by the revolution
b. The violent overthrow of a monarchy
c. The style of battle
d. The populist political ideals
7. George Washington's farewell address and the Monroe Doctrine have which of the following in common a. Abolition
b. Isolationism
c. Presidential term limits
d. Women's suffrage
8. Which entity in American government is the closest to true democracy? a. The Electoral College
b. The House of Representatives
c. Committees within the Senate
d. The Supreme Court
9. Alexander Hamilton's legacy is reflected in what quality of American government? a. Democracy
b. Federalism
c. Loose constructionism
d. State's rights
10. The first successful English colony in the Americas was named for the English monarch who ruled during the early 1600s. A group of 104 English colonists settled in the Chesapeake Bay of modern-day Virginia, and initially befriended the Algonquin Indians. This colony was called: a. New South Wales

b. New London
c. Jamestown
d. Georgeville

Questions 1 -5 pertain to the following passage:
The Great Round World and What is Going On In It by William Beverley Harison (1) There is a new cause for supposing that the Treaty with Great Britain will either be defeated in the Senate, or else delayed for some time to come. (2) This new trouble concerns the building of the Nicaragua Canal. (3) It seems a remote cause, does it not? but it only shows how closely the affairs of one nation are bound up with those of all the others. No matter what our speech, our climate, or our color, we are all a portion of the great human family, and the good of one is the good of all. (4) The Nicaragua Canal is a water-way that will cross the narrow neck of land that makes Central America. It will connect the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean. (5) With the help of such a canal, ships in going to the western coast of North or South America will not need to make the long and dangerous voyage around Cape Horn. (6) Cape Horn, you will see if you look on your map, is the extreme southerly point of South America. (7) There are so many storms and fogs there, that the Horn, as it is called, is much dreaded by sailors. (8) Since the invention of steam, all the steamships go through the Straits of Magellan, and save the passage round the Horn; but there is not enough wind for sailing vessels in the rocky and narrow straits, so they still have to take the outside passage. (9) The Straits of Magellan divide the main continent of South America from a group of islands, called Tierra del Fuego, and Cape Horn is the most southerly point of this archipelago. (10) The journey down the coast...
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