Capacitors: Electric Charge

Topics: Electric charge, Capacitor, Dielectric Pages: 4 (419 words) Published: November 23, 2013
2010 회로 및 전자기학 숙제 #2
제출 2010년 3월 19일 (금) C319
1. Three point charges Q1  9 C , Q2  4 C , Q3  36 C are arranged on a straight line. The distance between Q1 and Q3 is 9cm. It is claimed that a location can be selected for Q2 such that each charge will experience a zero force. Find this location.

2. A line charge of uniform charge density


forms a circle of radius b that lies in the

xy-plane in air with its center at the origin.

a) Find the electric field intensity E at the point (0, 0, h).

b) At what value of h will E in part (a) be a maximum? What is this maximum?

3. Determine the work done in carrying a

 5 C charge from P1 ( 1, 2,  4) to

 

P2 (2, 8,  4) in the field E  a x y  a y x
a) along the parabola y  2x , and

b) along the straight line joining P and P2 .

4. A finite line charge of length L carrying uniform line charge density


is coincident

with x-axis.
a) Determine V in the plane bisecting the line charge.

b) Determine E from


directly by applying Coulomb’s law.

5. The polarization in a dielectric cube of side L centered at the origin is given by

P  P0 (a x x  a y y  a z z ) .
a) Determine the surface and volume bound-charge densities.
b) Show that the total bound charge is zero.

6. The space between a parallel-plate capacitor of area S is filled with a dielectric whose permittivity varies linearly from


at one plate (y=0) to


at the other plate

(y=d). Neglecting fringing effect, find the capacitance.

7. Three capacitors

1 C , 2 C , and 3 C are connected as shown in Figure across a

240-volt source. Calculate the electric energy stored in each capacitor.

2 F




8. A parallel-plate capacitor of width w, length L, and separation d has a solid dielectric slab of permittivity

in the space between the plates. The capacitor is charged to a

voltage V0 by a...
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