Cap Operating Instructions

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1 APR 2010



This instruction prescribes general procedures for routine squadron operations.

Table of Contents
Page 1.Squadron Introduction and Information

2. Squadron Organization
1. Flights5
2. Duty Positions5
3. Organization Chart5
4. Personnel Authorizations6
5. Boards6
6. Committees6
7. Board and Committee Membership – When Required7 8. Required Reports and Suspense Dates7

3. Finance
1. Fundraising and Donations9
2. Squadron Dues9

4. Attendance, Training and Activities
4.3Attendance Records10
4.4Late Arrival10
4.5Inactive Status10
4.6Annual Equal Opportunity (nondiscrimination) Briefing11 4.7Quarterly Training Schedule11
4.8Squadron Activities11
4.9Attending Trainings and Activities in Other Units12 4.10Transportation to Activities12

Supersedes: SQ179 SOI, 1 OCT 2008 (replaced in entirety) OPR: DA Distribution: 1 ea. Member; 1 Group 3/CC, 1 fileApproved by: CO-179/CC

Table of Contents
Page 5.Charlie (Cadet) Flight Operating Instructions
5.1Required Equipment13
5.2Required Uniform13
5.3Testing Procedures13
5.4Cadet Promotions14
5.5Adequate Progress15
5.6Cadet Chain of Command15
5.7Honor Cadet15
5.8Color Guard / Drill Team15
5.9Required Memory Work16

6.Tango (Training) Flight Operating Instructions
6.1Great Start Program17
6.2Assignment to Tango Flight17
6.3Great Start Schedule17
6.4Chain of Command17
6.5Testing and Promotion Review Board18
6.6Memory Work18
6.7Graduation to Charlie Flight19

7.Sierra (Senior) Flight Operating Instructions
7.1Required Equipment20
7.2Required Uniform20
7.3Testing Procedures20
7.4Personnel Files20
7.6Promotion Review Board Procedures21

8.Flight Officers
8.1Flight Officer Restrictions22

9.1Parent Roles In Our Squadron23
9.2Parent Information23
9.3Activity Forms23

10.Flight Operations [Reserved]

Appendix A – Sample Squadron Organization Chart
Appendix B – Sample Quarterly Training Schedule

Supersedes: SQ179 SOI, 1 OCT 2008 (replaced in entirety) OPR: DA Distribution: 1 ea. Member; 1 Group 3/CC, 1 fileApproved by: CO-179/CC SECTION 1 – Squadron Information

Pueblo Eagles Composite Squadron 179 is a unit of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) assigned to Group 3 of the Colorado Wing. A squadron is the community-level organization of CAP. A composite squadron is defined in CAPR 20-1(I)(19)(c) as “comprised of both senior and cadet members, conducting both senior and cadet programs.”

The objectives of this squadron are to provide an outstanding cadet program experience; to train all interested members to be fully prepared for operational missions in Emergency Services; to educate each other and the general public about the history, current news and events, and the future of aerospace; and to provide useful public service to Pueblo County and the...
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