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Topics: Public health, Health, Epidemiology Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: August 16, 2011
Comparison Paper

Carol Rogers


August 8, 2011

Shamar Walker

This paper will contrast public health agencies historical and current roles at the community, state, and national levels. A review of historic dates and significant events related to public and community health and the differences between the entities. Public health’s mission is to organize and implement health care policies to address environmental safety and planning to local residents. The focus of community health is statewide implementation of health education, fund allocation to local government, disease prevention, and establishing state wide goals to address environmental risks. Denver Public Health Services provides preventative and primary care services to approximately to one out of five Denver residents and 35% of Denver’s children. Services are provided by the counties safety net hospital Denver Health. Denver Health’s history is deeply rooted in the community. Denver Health was established in a log cabin on the banks of Cherry Creek and was one of the first hospitals west of the Mississippi river. The hospital has provided the citizens of Denver County access to health care since 1860. Denver Health’s Community Health Services is the second oldest of its kind in the United States. In 1965, the Office of Economic Opportunity established Denver Health as a community health center (Denver Health, 2002-2010).

Denver Public Health’s commitment to the community is to promote, improve, and protect the health and environment of its residents and provide support for adjoining counties. The Denver public health department provides education, promotes healthy lifestyles,...

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