Canyon Ranch Case Study

Topics: Customer, Customer service, A Good Thing Pages: 3 (1083 words) Published: November 1, 2009
Canyon Ranch is a Health Resort and Spa that has been around since 1979. It was built on an idea of bringing medicine and relaxation together in one place for a vacation. This is something that is costly and mainly for those who can afford the luxuries of that kind of lifestyle. A luxury is something that people do not always need but want to simply feel good and have the money to spend to make them that way. It is a getaway for the folks who need a break from the stresses of the workplace and help to guide them in a way of living that allows them to feel like they received something of value for the money they spent. This began with two resorts one located on the east coast and the other near Las Vegas. It began to grow from the amount of customers and return customers they have accommodated over the years of being in business. The reason for this return customer base is due to the relationships that the company has provided to them during their stay. They have worked with each customer individually since the very beginning to provide a service that adds that personal touch of value to each visit. Every customer has a schedule of activities that they do throughout each day for a minimum of a 3 day stay as well as opportunity to add other activities after arrival. This was because most customers had only called for scheduling their getaway within 3 weeks of arrival. The money used for this is discretionary money and not everyone can afford a cost of 2-4 thousand dollars for just a couple of days. That means that the economy plays a part in the business as well as what types of clients they care for. Through the Information Technology system that they had custom built they were able to schedule clients’ arrivals along with what types of services they were signing up for. What this system was unable to show was what they bought once on premises of both added classes and events or the spa items such as lotions and soaps. Without this information they were at a...
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