Canyon Ranch

Topics: Need, Customer service, Want Pages: 2 (357 words) Published: February 21, 2012
Canyon Ranch
Tammy Wiseman
Ohio Dominican University

Canyon Ranch
Question 1: Should Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires develop a clear customer relationship management strategy and make it a cornerstone of its positioning as a preeminent destination spa? (Applegate, 2008). Answer 1: The Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires should most definitely develop a customer relationship management strategy. A major benefit of creating a strategy could be the reduction in turnover in program coordinators. With an effective strategy, this could make the Berkshires a premier spa. Question 2: If so, what should this initiative look like? (Applegate, 2008). Answer 2: They should try to develop a software program that could keep track of their customers’ needs and wants. This software should also be able to keep track of the customer’s past experiences at the resort. This program would be able to take all the needs and wants and drop them into a scheduling program. Question 3: What was the value of the substantial amounts of data generated during the customer experience? (Applegate, 2008). Answer 3: The value of the data is priceless. From the first call, Canyon Ranch is gathering information about their potential customers. All of this information could be centralized into one program. This would make it much easier to assess what the customer needs and give them options on what kinds of services that they want and when. Question 4: Were there any opportunities to use this data during prospecting? Or during the customer stay? Or even after the stay? (Applegate, 2008). Answer 4: At each of these the stages, there were definitely opportunities to use the data. During the prospecting, Canyon Ranch can gather as much information from the customer. They can ask what services they are interested in and they can use this information to work on scheduling their services. During the stay, they can have the customer fill out surveys. After the stay, Canyon Ranch can...

References: Applegate, L. (2008). Corporate Information Strategy & Management. Boston: McGraw Hill.
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