Cantilever Ia

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Cantilever Designed Lab
Investigating the relationship between the position of the weight on the cantilever and the amount of deflection
How does the position of the weight on the cantilever affect the amount of deflection?

The independent variable of this experiment will be the location of the weight l on the cantilever because it will change throughout the experiment. The dependent variable will be the amount of deflection d because it will depend on the position of the weight. The size and material of the cantilever, the amount of weight put on the cantilever, and the surface of the surface where it will be positioned will be the controlled variables and will remain the same throughout the experiment.

In this lab, I will search for a linear relationship between the position of the weight on the cantilever and its deflection therefore, the equation will be d=ml where d is the amount of deflection, l is the position of the weight on the cantilever and m in the slope. I predict that the further away the weight is from the hanging end of the cantilever, the smaller the deflection will be.

For this experiment, I will use two meter sticks, a table, ten washers, a stack of books, and a paper clip.

To begin with, I will find a table with a smooth surface and make sure it is clean then, I will place the cantilever, which will be one of the meter sticks, 25 cm on the table so that 75 cm will remain hanging. To secure the cantilever in place, I will put the stack of books on top of it. To prepare the weight, I will take a paper clip and open it then proceed to insert the ten washers in it and close it again.

Before positioning the weight on the cantilever, I will measure the deflection of the cantilever with the other meter stick. To measure the starting deflection, I will place the 0 cm part of the meter stick on the ground so that the 100 cm reading is on top; in that position, I will place the meter stick at the end...
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