Canterbury Tales Was Written in the Late 1380`S and Early 1390’s by Geoffrey Chaucer

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The Canterbury tales was written in the late 1380`s and early 1390’s by Geoffrey Chaucer, an author who wrote in English at the time when Latin was the standard literary language all over the western Europe. In the fourteenth century England was completely catholic; formal religion was an important factor for everybody, and pilgrimages were strongly advocated by the church. The journey from London to the shrine of St Thomas Becket at Canterbury was the best pilgrimage possible in England that represented a social event. As a chief example of this when the author says on the general prologue: “They were people of various ranks who had come together by chance, and they were all pilgrims who plan to ride to Canterbury.”[1] Chaucer tries to show us how the society was organized at that time. He gives us an idea of their customs, religion and culture. There is a clear classification of social class status; we can notice it when the author began describing every pilgrim in a social class level, the author describes their occupations, physical aspects as we can see: “There was among us a brave knight who had loved

Chivalry, truth, and honor, generosity and courtesy” […] [2] “[…] his horses were good but he was not gaily dressed He wore a thick cotton coat […]”[3]
In the tales, the author also includes fables for example the Nun’s Priest story of the rooster, the hen and the fox, where the reader sometimes forgets that they are not people. Apart from fables and battle stories, the author adds other aspects as the position of women, how was their role in society; as it is shown in “The Wife of Bath’s” prologue which is practically an anthology of borrowings from the antifeminist ecclesiastical writers, to those attitudes the wife is vigorously opposed. Moreover, one of the remarkable things about the Canterbury tales is that within the rigid requirements of Middle English verse Chaucer managed to reproduce the rhythms of natural conversations, he wrote the book in the colloquial idiom of the day, using the humorous, direct often slangy expressions which were heard on the busy streets of fourteenth-century London. Beowulf

Beowulf, whose author is unknown was written in about 800 AD only his or her religion is known according to the lines of the poem, the allusions to God, the author was Christian. The poem belongs to the Anglo –Saxons period which was from 450 AD to 1050 approximately. The language spoken at that time had its root on Germanic language structure and grammar. The language was called Old English. The importance of this epic poem lies on the characteristics described about society: politics, religion and culture that represented the Old English period. According to the introduction of the book the king was the responsible for the well-fare of the entire society. Strength, courage, loyalty and fame were the important values for society, the main characteristics that a man could have: “Of glory, blessed them with a prince, Beo,

Whose power and fame soon spread through the
World”.( 27-29)
However, Fame was the most precious of the values, it represented a man who never gives up and who does not worry about the possible consequences of bravery: “…so fame
Comes to the men who mean to win it
And care about nothing else!...”(1534-1536)
The poem shows us how Beowulf after Hrothgar’s death has to take the throne, he is the king in the Danish castle and is the responsible to protect and defend the society from a monster which is breaking the peace in the land. Beowulf is sure about the values he posses; he is not afraid about the battle against the monster and believes that his society is safe in his hands: “Grendel is not braver, no stronger

Than I am! I could kill him with my sword; I shall
Easy as it would be. This fiend is a bold
And famous fighter, but...
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