Canon Business Manual

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Canon Global, Business Manual

Business Manual
International Business & Management Studies
Class: 1B
Group: 2
Made by: YPC
Date: 4th December, 2009
1. Preface

The purpose of this report, made by YPC (1st year students in INHOLLAND), is to develop a business manual for Canon Global which provides future new employees to obtain information about the company. In other words how the company works; the processes of the company; the products sold by the company; communication strategies set out by the company, the history, the way of working and overall the company’s organization and structure.

From the perspective of the company, the main purpose of the business manual is to give future and current employees a complete overview of their organization. This also is an advantage for the company in having well trained trainees which may increase the knowledge of its staff.

The context of this assignment is to develop and improve the skills of the trainees, current staff and also the future employees to be completely familiarized with the company’s organization in an efficient way, without wasting time and money.

2. Table of Contents
1. Preface2
2. Table of Contents3
3. Executive Summary4
4. Explanations of Abbreviations5
5. Visual Aids6
6. Introduction7
7. Business Manual8
7.1 Organizational Structure8
7.1.1 Structure8
7.1.2 Organizational chart9
7.2 Canon Global’s resources10
7.2.1 Resources10
7.3 Canon Global’s cultural and social11
7.3.1 Cultural and social aspects11
7.4 Canon Global’s Strategy12
7.4.1 Strategy12
7.4.2 Mission12
7.4.3 Vision12
7.4.4 Primary goal13
7.4.5 Secondary goal13
7.4.6 Legal form13
7.4.7 Profit/non-profit13
7.4.8 Canon Global worldwide13
7.5 Canon Global’s Communication Structure14
7.5.1 Communication structure14
7.6 Canon’s Product Portfolio15
7.6.1 Product portfolio15
7.7 Canon Global’s Business Culture17
7.7.1 Canon Global’s philosophy17
7.7.2 Business culture17
7.7.3 Logo of Canon Global17
7.7.4 Rewarding18
7.7.5 Opportunities for development18
7.8 Canon Global’s HRM processes19
7.8.1 The HRM processes19
7.9 Canon Global’s Financial Position20
7.9.1 Income Statement20
7.9.2 Balance Sheet20
7.9.3 Canon’s Debt Ratio20
7.9.4 Cash Flow21
7.10 Canon Global’s Sustainability and Social Responsibility22 8. Conclusion23
9. Bibliography24
10. Appendices25
10.1. The SWOT Analysis of Canon25
10.4. My Job Profile and Notification Preferences (snapshot)28

3. Executive Summary
Canon aims to have the number 1 position in each of its core businesses by using technological innovations. They also aim for expanding their business operations through diversification. To ensure success for all stakeholders, they deliver profitability, growth, job fulfillment and have a positive impact on the community. Canon’s vision is to contribute to global prosperity and the well-being of mankind, which will lead to continuing growth and bring the world closer to achieve their vision: "All people, regardless of race, religion or culture, harmoniously living and working together into the future". The board of Canon Global consists of 25 directors. Important matters are ratified by the board of directors and executive committee. Canon Global has established committees to address important management issues. In order to further improve the company’s management and the execution of duties in an effective way, the company introduced the Executive Officer System from April 1, 2008. The corporate auditors conduct strict audits through attending board of directors meetings, executive committee meetings and other meetings of various committees. The company has a contract with Ernst & Young Shin Nihon LLN to audit its financial statements.

Canon global consists of 165,318 consolidated employees all over the world. Canon current...

Bibliography: 2. Sources used: ‘Canon Governance’ (April 30, 2009)
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