Cango Week 2 Video Analysis

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CanGo Analysis Report
BUSN 460-Team 1

CanGo Analysis Report
Let me say first thank you for giving us the opportunity to evaluate your company’s operational process. It has been a tremendous experience to be in a company that started out small and grew to one of the leading businesses in the industry. CanGo does have a promising future ahead. During our evaluation over the past two weeks, we have noticed a few things that will be a problem in the future if not resolved. It seems that the company has been profitable by chance not because of planning. At this point we feel the need to work on the planning aspect and all that it entails. There are six key issues and recommendations that we have made that we know would help improve CanGo. Mission Statement

The first issue is to have a mission statement for the company. This statement is the back bone of the company. Every employee will strive day after day with the main purpose of the company. Can-Go’s purpose is to provide a somewhat all inclusive service to entertainment needs via books, CDs, DVDs, and its new prospect online gaming. There seems to be no set direction for the employees to reference. Goals

There are goals that Can-Go is going towards, but everyone isn’t on the same page. Unity among the employees is one of the most important aspects that you need to resolve. We witnesses during the management meeting about the online gaming idea, which no one seemed to be able to force their opinion or have an open decision to if the company should go forth with the idea. Andrew was very excited with the idea, but tried to almost push the company into the new market. You can’t go into a new market without seeing what is really involved in proceeding with the new move.

SWOT Analysis
One key thing that was missing when we observed CanGo is that Liz should have created a SWOT Analysis. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats by conducting this analysis...
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