Candidate performance record Unit 508

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Candidate Performance Evidence Record

NVQ Title and Level: …QCF Diploma level 5 CYP Residential Management

Candidate Name: ……

Observed by your assessor

Professional discussion

Evidence ref:

Unit numbers: 508
Seen by an expert witness

Product evidence observed

Seen by a witness

Assignment/ Project

Personal Statement

Develop and Implement policies and procedures to support the safeguarding of children and young people

There are many way in which national and local guidelines, policies and procedures for safeguarding affects the day to day work with the young people I work with. Firstly the Children’s Act 1989 is a piece of legislation that is in place to ensure that the best interest of the child is also a priority as well as making sure that they are safeguarded. An example of this is whenever there is an allegation or suspicion of that a young person is suffering or is likely to suffer significant harm then a section 47 (of Children’s act 1989) investigation would have to take place. I feel that this is a good piece of legislation in regards to safeguarding because a young person should be secure in the fact that if they are at risk of significant harm then there is a policy and procedure to try and keep them safe. In regards to how it would affect the day to day work that myself and my colleagues do I think that having that in place also reassures staff that if they were suspicions of a young person in the home been at risk of significant harm, instead of just maybe speaking about it to me and the social worker to highlight any concerns, the fact that this piece of legislation is in place will ensure that an investigation into the suspicions is carried out. Another area where national and local guidelines as well as policies and procedures affect my day to day work is the children missing from care policy. In the borough where the home I manage is they have...
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