candidate for saudi arabia

Topics: United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Arabian Peninsula Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: December 9, 2013
A Candidate for Saudi Arabia
Mike Burgers
Yin-Ju Chou
Margriet van Rhijn S2158132
Group 5.3
The most important issues that the main actor is confronted with are:

1. The way of doing business in Saudi Arabia
2. Living and working in Saudi Arabia
3. The market of Saudi Arabia

It is necessary to have a sponsor and local partner if you want to do business in Saudi Arabia. And you cannot change sponsors without telling the previous one, otherwise you might be in jail. This is because that true and long-term friendships between partners are highly valued in their culture, and we need to respect the manners there. Some people there are used to a different working ethic, such as going home to eat whenever he is hungry. In their culture it is normal to do so, we have to respect that and find a way to educate them about our own working rules. The first issue leads to the second: Living and working in Saudi Arabia. The way of living and the cultures are very different from Denmark. The sale manager should have to deal with the differences between the Sales Manager’s culture and the Saudi Arabian culture, both at work and in free time, and being able to manage this difference in a correct manner. There are some regulations which might make it hard for Danish people to live there. For example, alcohol is forbidden and hard to get, women are not being able to drive cars and women have to wear an “Abayya” and foreign students older than 16cannot get any kind of education. Our third issue is the market of Saudi Arabia. The mission of the Sales manager is to sell drinks. The manager has to be experienced with the market of Saudi Arabia. He/She should determine the kind of market they are dealing with: which products to sell and for what price. The manager has to know the different consumer categories and what their preferences are. For example, Saudi Arabian families like dining at fast food restaurants and shopping at modern malls. Also supermarkets have become...
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