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Topics: Cancer, Oncology, Breast cancer Pages: 3 (1058 words) Published: March 28, 2007
Breast cancer happens when abnormal cells grow out of control in one or both breasts. They can spread to nearby tissues and organs; this is a malignant tumor that is dangerous because they can take over major organs and hurt you severely. The most interesting is that men can get breast cancer as well and is not only something that women can get. There are many reasons to what might cause breast cancer. One is that most breast cancer occurs in women older than 50 and it is even more riskier if they are older than 60. Another is that if a family member has had it there is a high risk to get it. Also women who have inherited certain genes called BRCA1 and BRCA2 are more likely to get it.

It's easy to figure out if you have breast cancer by looking for the symptoms. The first symptom is if there is a change in the way the breast feels, mostly a painless lump or thickening in the underarm. A second symptom is if the breast has liquid coming out of the breast. Another change is in the skin color might change and might turn to an orange peel color. If this should happen you must see a doctor immediately and 1 out of 100 cases of breast cancer occurs in men and so if men find any lumps they should be checked also.

Once at a doctor to be checked out there are a series of ways to diagnose is there is breast cancer. Fist when having a regular physical exam the doctor will check for any lumps or changes in the breast or underarm. Then depending on the age and risk factors, the doctor may recommend that you have a mammogram performed. It is an X-ray of the breast. And can find a lump that is often too small to be felt. Then as soon as the lump is found the doctor will take a sample of the breast cell. This is called a biopsy, another way is to take some fluid from the lump or cut a piece of the lump out, the result of the biopsy helps so they can tell if you have cancer and what type it might be. Then there are tests where you can figure out the stage of the cancer, the...
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