Cancer and White Blood Cells

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1. Introduction

In this essay, I will talk about how cancer creates in our bodies and the different ways that it can be treated. We will learn that scientists find some ways to prevented after continue researches throughout the years. Then in the end, we will see how cancer affects population and at the same time our way of life.

2. Cancer facts and Classes

Nobody knows when cancer originated, but thanks to scientists and new researchers every year we find new things about cancer, and the more we know about it, the more that we are going to understand it.

Cancer is the accelerated growth of abnormal cells. In normal cells the grow rate is controlled and new cells are used when the old cells die by means of apoptosis or cell suicide. When the cells do not die and continue to growth, it becomes cancer. This can be cause by mutation in the genes, radiation, etc.

Cancer can be benign or malign. Benign cancer occurs when the growing of the cells stays in one location and malign cancer occurs when the cells destroyed the layer that covers them, then they enter the blood stream and can spread in other parts of the body, this is called metastic.

Normal cell division

Cancer cell division

Cancer can appear in any part of the body and affects infants, children and adults, even the fetus. Because of this, there are different classes; we will show the most common kind of cancers.

a) Prostate cancer: occurs in adult males, in a glandule (prostate) situated in the male reproductive organ. b) Breast cancer: occurs in adult females, in the breast tissue. c) Lung cancer: occurs in the lungs of adults.

d) Colon cancer; occurs in the colon, rectum and appendix of adults. e) Bladder cancer
f) Ovarian cancer
g) Leukemia; is a cancer that occurs in the blood, when the abnormal growth of white blood cells occurs (leukocytes). Affects adults and is the most common cancer in children. h) Skin cancer

3. Diagnosing cancer

Cancer can be diagnosed when a biopsy (tissue sample) is extracted from a patient that shows any kind of symptoms or signs of cancer like pain, lumps, etc. The doctor after analyzing the cells can tell what kind of cancer is, how fast is growing and it is spreading throughout the body. You never should wait for the cancer to spread, if something is wrong with your body, go to your doctor, the early that cancer is detected the lower the rate of mortality.

One of the principal reasons that scientist research cancer cells is to discover some ways to detect cancer as soon as possible. Some screening and ways to detect some kind of cancer are already in use, for example: Women have to take the Pap smear to detect cancer in the cervix and a mammogram (x-ray) for the breast cancer, screening tests are used for men in the detection of prostate cancer, and blood test can be used for leukemia.

Patient with lung cancer in the left side.
Lung cancer has the highest mortality in the U.S.

4. Methods of treatment

There are different kinds of treatment for cancer, all depends in what kind of cancer the patient has, his age, and the advance in which the cancer has spread it throughout the body, the benign or malign side of the cancer. Doctors can decide to use one method or another or a combination some examples are chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, etc. We will talk about some of them.

a) Surgery: this method can only cure cancer is the tumor is removed and it did not affect other parts of the body. Sometimes whole parts of the body are necessary to remove. For example in breast cancer sometimes is necessary to surgical remove the breast (mastectomy).

b) Radiation therapy: this therapy use radiation called ionization, the purpose is to destroyed and cancer cells and tumors. The treatment can be external and internal; all depends in the...
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