Canbulat Museum Booklet Term Paper

Topics: Ottoman Empire, Cyprus, Venice Pages: 3 (491 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Canbulat Museum

081773 Kaan Hançer
Canbulat Museum

The Legend Of Canbulat
The venetian soldiers placed sharp blades on a turning wheel and placed it at the enterance of the arsenal bastion to prevent the ottomans from entering.In order to stop the wheel to allow the ottoman forces through the bastion canbulat jumped to the wheel with his white horse.On myth suggests that canbulat whose head was cut during this event picked up his head,jumped on his horse and started fighting with his head under his arms.This motivated ottomans further to fight take over the bastion.Canbulat’s tomb was built underneath the arsenal bastion where become a martyr. The name of the bastion was also changed from arsenal bastion to canbulat bastion to honor him.

The museum contains various of ottomans soldiers belongs to the latest 15’th century period.

Also visitors can learn the name of the soldiers and how they are looked like when the latest 15’th century of ottomans.

Visitor can find historical informations easily and reliable like war techniques , war diaries, Ottomans swords,shields,armors,war horse equipments. 3

The siege general Marco Antonio Bragadin has 74 venetian cannon at he siege.

Visitors can find information’s about how venetian cannons looklike.

Visitors can reach information about conquest of the Cyprus. Ottomans against venetians are fighted hand to hand at these lands.

Visitors can reach widely informations about ottomans empire border before the conquest of cyprus and after conquest.

The sultan of the period and important pasha’s biography’s are displaying in the canbulat museum

You can find strategical information’s about conquest.
Also visitors can observ real shirink ships of galeons and galleys also you can enjoy at the upstairs with ottomans ships portraits.

He is the most greatest sailors ever his mind is very sharp and impressive. Visitors are lucky because of if they want to meet Great...
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