Canadian Military Defining Moments
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Each individual, family, business, or country all had defining moments that have shaped them into their current appearances and outcomes. During the development of a country, its people are fortified by many important events. These events are the "Defining Moments" which developed a country to what it is today. For Canada, their defining moments relate to military and war. Canada has given major military contributions in the Day of Deliverance, the battle of Vimy Ridge, and the Italian Campaign and in return has achieved respect, pride, and independence which are intangibles any nation aspires for. These events are what made Canada today, a strong, independent country with a lot of heart.
Canada's many achievements and successes have come from the Day of Deliverance, Canada's largest military operation they had participated in. June 6th, 1944, was the day when Canada gave everything they had, including 30 000 Canadian to be joined with the Allies in the invasion of Normandy on the beaches of France. "The Royal Canadian Navy had 100 ships with 10 000 sailors in the operation, while, flying overheard were 36 bomber squadrons of the Royal Canadian Air Force" (Hannon 73). Under heavy fire, Canadian soldiers landed at Juno Beach. They faced underwater obstacles, land mines, barbed wire, and heavy machine-gun fire from the Germans (Hannon 91). While many quickly died, the survivors rapidly made their way across the beach. By the end of the day, the surviving Canadian troops had made their way farther inland than any other allied force, and were the only Allied force to meet their objectives. "While having many quick successes, they had many quick casualties as well, with 335 Canadians dead and 739 injured" (Hannon 101). Canadian troops fought their way into the towns of Bernières, Courseulles and St. Aubin in which they secured a critical bridgehead for the Allied invasion (Hannon 34). The Allied victory was a turning point in World War II and led to the liberation of

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