Canadian Military

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All around the world, having a military is vital for each country to provide safety from the enemies outside. Some countries might have a powerful military and some might have a weak military. But is a military that important for a country where an attack will less likely to occur? In Canada, the Canadian military is a great contributor to the American country, in which they fight alongside each other to defeat the terrorists in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, etc. However, the military budget is really high. The Canadian government contributes billions and billions of dollars into the military even though there is not much to do. A military should be used for defensive purposes not for offensive purposes. Therefore the amount of money spent towards the military can deplete the wealth of the economy, Canada joined NATO, spent billions of dollars on NATO where there is no purpose for that now, and we are one of the most safest countries to live in .

The government spends a lot of money that depletes our wealth of the economy. Accordingly, this can lead to a debt crisis such as how the Americans are in debt from paying trillions of dollars into the military budget. Presently, Barack Obama is trying to fix the debt crisis, but it may take a long time because they owe a lot of money to China. In essence, we can learn from their mistakes so we can use our money more wisely. Also, most Canadians believe that we are spending too much money on the military budget. We are in fact the 13th largest spender on the military in the world where we spend twenty-eight billions dollars (Military spending in Canada,, spending on guns, tanks, air force, armour, and protective clothing. In the case of a ledger marketing poll, sixty percent of Canadians believe we should cut back on our spending and focus more attention at home (Military spending in...
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