Canadian History

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Chapter 12: The War Front
Using your notes and your text, complete the following questions in complete sentences. 1. What went wrong in the Battle of Dieppe?

Allied troops were not prepared toward the war. And there was only little information about layout of Dieppe. Moreover, Canadian were lacked artillery support. Furthermore, Allied nations’ tanks did not work on the Dieppe where is near from the ocean, thus the soil of the region is sand which is not suitable for tanks to move.

2. What happened in December 1941 that allowed the Allies to gain strength?

3. What happened to Benito Mussolini when the Allied Forces arrived in 1943? When the allied forces arrived in 1943, they destroyed the Mussolini’s government in the Italy.

4A. Fill in the charts below. Ensure to include DETAILS.
The Battle of Ortona|
Where: italy| When: 1943|
Why / Causes: To destroy German and Italy | Who: Allied nations and Germany, Italy| What / Result: Allied nations, especially Canada, attacked the Italy in 1943. Canada played important role in the invasion of Italy. When Germans had destroyed most of the streets, trying to force the Canadians down a central road that was fortified. So, Canadians fired the anti tank shells through windows so that they can clear the houses on either side of the road individually. |

Operation Overlord|
Where: France| When: June 6, 1944|
Why / Causes: After invasion of Italy, Allied nation planned to invade France. | Who: Allied nation and Germany| What / Result: The plan was simple. While a large allied force invaded France from Britain, a smaller force attacked from the south. The allied forces had two advantages in this battle. First, they had massive air and naval support, with the ability to land more than a million troops within two or three weeks of the initial landing. Second, they had managed t keep the details of the attack a secret from the germans. As a...
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