Canadian confederation

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Canadian Confederation

My essay consists of information about the Canadian Confederation. I included facts with references on my bibliography. On my essay it includes the conferences that happened in establishing the Canadian Conference. I added positive effect of the Canadian confederation and the problems colonies were facing before the Canadian Confederacy was held. Also a conclusion paragraph which includes some of my opinions and why I think it was a good thing that the Canadian confederation was held.

Canadian Confederation
Canadian Confederation created a distinctive and unwavering country. Every 1st of July, we celebrate Canada day, it was the day that Canada became an Independent country it happened in the year 1867. Year 1864 of September 1st- 9th was the occurrence of the Charlottetown Conference; it was the first meeting that led to the formation of the dominion of Canada during that time Canadians proposed a discussion of a union of the Maritime Provinces which consists of Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. October of 1864 the Quebec conference occurred, it was to discuss the plan further of how to manage and control the new country and by then the proposed solutions was called the Quebec Resolutions. By December of 1866- 1867 another conference was held which was also the last this conference took place in London, hence the name “London Conference” this was the last planning of the Quebec Resolutions and to come up with a final settlement the agreement was called the British North America Act. And all that was left to do was to get the British North America Act passed in the British Parliament and on March 29th of 1867, British North American Act was approved by Queen Victoria. In the 1800’s the British Colonies at that time was facing different kinds of problems, these were political problems, economical problems and military problems. Reasons why confederation was...

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