Canada International Trade Agreements

Topics: International trade, Canada, Export Pages: 5 (1267 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Identification of the Problem/Issue:

The over-reliance on The United States as a primary export market for Canadian goods and services , even as costly input suppliers , despite the economical volatility that the U.S has been experiencing during the past 4 years and also regardless of the endless opportunities of much more beneficial trade relations with several other key players who will have great influence over the Global international trade traffic , in the near future.

Overlooking the rocket growth emerging economies , with all the export opportunities lying within , in favor of the European Union , which will impose greater restrictions and trade rules regulations on Canadian products than any other possible trade partners , such as The Trans-Pacific partnership countries.

Other problems affecting Canadian exports is the Canadian Dollar strength , holding high the products prices , combined with less productivity performance compared to other major trade competitors across the globe.(1)

Situation Analysis: (minimum of (6) well thought out points) Internal aspects of the company

Strengths are facts about the staff, managers, business products and processes that are positive or have a positive impact on the business.Weaknesses are facts about the staff, managers, business products and processes that need improvement.

Well structured and stable financial system in Canada , which may encourage other countries importers to make trade ties with Canadian suppliers , without concerns of financial debt risk , exchange rates risk and other possibilities of financial trade disputes , also encouraging multinational corporations to attempt to invest in the economy in the form of acquisition of established businesses , joint ventures , franchises and licensing . •Well established trade ties of Canadian firms with the United states market which represents one of the most sophisticated and competitive markets in terms of trade promotions and channels of distribution which leads to further enhancement of Canadian suppliers reputation of the higher quality consistency of products & reliability. •Outspoken determination of Canadian government officials to close a deal with the European Union , reflecting the countries general tendencies towards adopting a more diversified international trade policy in the near future , which may lure other countries governments and businesses to take advantage of the situation and actively seek to have long term supply contracts for some products that can serve as production inputs or ingredients.

Strength of the Canadian currency , leading to higher prices of Canadian export products , making it less competitive compared to peer products in the international market and harder to promote and differentiate. •Historical dependency on the United states as a sole major export market and even input supplier , in spite of the slow growth and instability of the United States economy , resulting in a Nationwide laidback attitude among Canadian firms , reflecting a “resistant to change” attitude regarding international trade and investment opportunites with the rest of the world , combined with a history of a low Canadian dollar , a natural resources production based economy and a perception of a few Developed countries world , to form a cultural barrier hindering those businesses from seeing and acting upon the newly shaped international trade scene. •Internal opposition of certain Canadian industries and businesses regarding the government intentions to grant Duty-free access to European dairy , poultry and meat to the Canadian market , for fear of losing market share in their own domestic markets , while other export opportunities still remain ambiguous to these Canadian industry players , most likely leading to more time lags before the deal with Europe is closed , or at least preventing the decision from reaching its full potential in terms of GDP and...
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