Canada's Autonomy

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Dec 15/10 There are many events that have sculpted Canada’s autonomy through our history and created the independent nation we live in today. Before and during the First World War Canada did everything Britain said because we were under their BNA act. However, in 1922 after the war, Britain and Turkey were fighting over the British controlled port of Chanak. When Britain told Canada to come fight with them, instead of saying yes, Prime Minister King said we would take it to Parliament and have a vote. Fortunately, the dispute ended before anyone had to go to war. The following year, Canada and America created a treaty that protected the Halibut from going extinct. Britain always signed our foreign agreements, but this time we decided we could sign our own treaties. Later on, in 1926 Prime Minister King lost seats from the Progressive Party so went to the Governor General - a British man named Julian Byng - and asked him to dissolve Parliament so they could have a new election. Byng said no so King resigned and the leader of the Conservatives became the Prime Minister. But then the Conservatives lost a vote in the House of Commons so when they asked for a new election and for Parliament to be dissolved Byng had no choice to say yes because there was no one else to run the country. King ended up winning the election and made a strong point of how we Canadians should run the Government and not Britain. In the end, Canada’s autonomy was not achieved in one day, but over time , creating the way Canadians are looked at today.
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