Can I Balance Reasoning Skills and Intuition in Order to Give Individuals the Best Ethical Answer Without Being Prejudice

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Value Pages: 2 (848 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Can I balance reasoning skills and intuition in order to give individuals the best ethical answer without prejudice?

Every day you come across people who need help whether it’s simple or a complex problem. The issue arises when you come across complex issues that force you to think outside the box. As an upstanding and empathetic individual I try my hardest to give the best possible response to each individual, without as some might say “sinning yourself” or causing conflict within yourself against your ethical values, these same values that have been taught over your whole lifetime. Having ethics or being ethical is “relating to morality of behavior conforming within accepted standard of good behavior, the principles of right or wrong in human conduct” (Webster Dictionary). Being ethical means that you will always do or say things that will be upstanding in society and in your personal life; no one wants to make bad decisions that will ultimately affect others who are close in your life negatively. Being ethical or having morals is an everyday battle in every step of our lives we had to make these decisions from relationships, how to deal with others, and your children and the problems they might face. I consider myself an ethical person, the conflict I face is can I make responsible choices that can benefit me and my family and the people that I come across on a daily in a positive way. According to the Ethical lens inventory report that I took my core values are “autonomy, rationality and sensibility”. My concern is that all individuals’ rights are protected this way each person is treated fairly. As an ethical person I feel that I bring optimism, imagination and the gift of entrepreneurship to the table. The strengths that I posses as an open minded person while trying to analyze problems are my reasoning skills and experiences. I carefully think thru problems and weigh out all my options that will allow me to fulfill my duties as a friend to help come...
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