Can You Think Of Any Reallife

Topics: Organism, Life, Evolution Pages: 2 (122 words) Published: November 16, 2014
Can you think of any real-life examples of N.ecologicus where one species or a phenotype among variants within a species has a definite advantage over another?

Peppered moth
Grove snail

Sometimes organisms are introduced accidentally or intentionally into an area or ecosystem. Why do you think they usually overtake or out-compete and endanger the species native to the area? 1. They have big effects on vegetation and on which plants will survive 2. They feed upon native species to the point of its extinction 3. They can propagate diseases or produce and release chemicals that could harm native species 4. They can compete with native species

5. They can reproduce with existing species that can lead to its extinction by replacing some of its genes (hybridization)
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