Can You Hear Me Now?

Topics: Mind, Writing, Psychology Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: April 10, 2011
Can You Hear Me Now?”
Technology has worsened our world by being a springboard for many people today in the corporate world all the way to the schools. It has made us all become dependent and use computers and the internet for almost everything. Technology is contrary to nature because of the steel that is being mined from the earth and the metals that are dug from the ground. Technology should not be taken completely but limited to the ones who abuse it. People who are in the corporate world should be the ones with legal access to the technology due to their nature of work. Our world has become dependent on technology to an unnatural level; therefore we should limit access to technology and use what we have.

Sherry Turkle begins her essay “Can You Hear Me Now?” with appreciation to technology that gave people connections and isolations. The author believes that the power of communication takes control over humans and challenge them by using a psychoanalytic pun “virtuality and its restlessness” to engage in our minds. According to Turkle, business people today lose touch with their human nature by working around the clock with technical devices they cannot afford to lose connection with their communication devices. The author also wrote about how new technology in communication leads people’s souls by creating avatars that could deploy them into virtual lives. Nevertheless, Turkle mentions in her essay that a new communication culture stole people’s leisure time, even the time to think uninterrupted for themselves because of their communication addiction. Technology influenced people’s minds by making them addicted to electronic devices; laptops, cell phones, or Black Berry that navigate their lives as chained slaves who can lose their minds when the device crashes. Moreover, communication devices damage teenagers’ lives too, by not allowing them to take responsibility when they try to find their own space in the society. Cell phones, with a parent on speed...
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