can you hear me now

Topics: Text messaging, Technology, Mobile phone Pages: 4 (1440 words) Published: December 2, 2013
Trang Nguyen (Vanessa)
Professor Sakovich
English 100
December 12th, 2012
A Strong Argument: “Can You Hear Me Now?”
Nowadays, technology is an important part of people’s lives. It creates a great impact on our work, our education, and our daily life. Thus, in the article “Can You Hear Me Now?” written by Sherry Turkle and published in Forbes magazine in 2007, the author writes about how technology affects people today. According to this article, Turkle is saying how technology harms to modern life. She says that by using and depending too much on communication devices, people lose their real connection to others and important time for themselves. As a result, technology is a cause which makes people become more attached to their cell phones, laptops, or electronic devices than their society. She shows how communication gadgets interrupt real conversation and lead people to develop an intimate relationship with machines more than with real people. She points out that technology is a distraction when people maintain and live with both the virtual life and the real word. Based on my own personal experiences and research findings, I absolutely agree with Turkle’s argument that the strong attachment to technology makes negative effects in our lives. First of all, attachment to technology affects humans’ minds by making people alienated from social relationships with other people. In the beginning of Turkle’s article, the author is right when she writes “Thanks to technology, people have never been more connected-or more alienated.” (270). She is saying that because they are addicted to technology, people seem to be locked up themselves with their electronic gadgets and forget their interactions with the real world and real people around them. I agree with Turkle’s view that technology makes people isolate themselves by depending too much on electronic devices. She describes the problem that people feel more comfortable tied to the virtual life of technology...

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