Can Words Hurt People?

Topics: Thought, Mind, Human Pages: 3 (992 words) Published: March 22, 2009
Can Words Hurt People?

I believe words can be the most painful things in this life. They can communicate so many different things, in so many different ways. Often unknowingly, words can insult, belittle, and take sides, show anger, pride, and sadness. They are the most diverse and most expressive means of communication. They can sometimes tell more than body language itself. When you are speaking to someone, your words often come to you before your thoughts. They reveal something about you that sometimes you did not know about yourself. If you cannot control the flow out of your mouth, words can run away from you and cause serious damage you did not mean to inflict. Often times, you regret what hurtful things you have said, because those things you were feeling were irrational and you know you were wrong. But a great and terrible thing about words is you cannot take them back. You say them once, and you will have said them forever.

Words are very powerful and everlasting pieces of communication that we have.

You can express many emotions with words and it can be understood in any language.

Words are weapons, which can be used to emotionally and mentally maim people, to bring pain so terrible, some people cannot imagine how to deal with it. As I’m sure the reader knows, hurtful words get turned over and over in ones mind, trying to figure out

why it was said, why it hurt so bad. But sadly, thinking about it only prompts oneself to the pain and the feelings one has just become more extensive, more complicated and more unbearable. Yes, words can hurt, if you let them. Because it is your mind and your thoughts, which make simple words bring you such agony. For example, when someone calls you fat or ugly, such simplistic words are able to cut deep, even if you know or think it is not true. For it to create pain in a person depends on the people themselves. If you believe something to be true about you and someone were to say a...
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