Can We Talk

Topics: Communication, Interpersonal relationship, Thought Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: June 20, 2011
Can We Talk
Lycethia Givens-Williams
Interpersonal Communication
Macy Dailey
June 13, 2011

Can marriage survive without having healthy communication? Communication is the key to having happiness and a lasting marriage. The article “Can We Talk”, written by Nara Schoenberg was a great article about the role of communication within a marriage. In this paper I plan to critique the article and give my thoughts on it and why I can relate to it. As I read the article I began to relate with it instantly. I could picture the scenario piece by piece. This article really had some good advice on how to communicate with your communicate with your partner to make your marriage last longer. There was something that I could relate to in this article was ‘’Many couples think they’re communicating with each other,’’ When they sort out who will pick up the kids, pay the bills or call the grandparents.’’ I can relate to this the most, because my finance and I always talk about having time for us were never really talking just eating and then running off to handle business. We have been together five years and last two have really set us back; now that we have a family our relationship is one less thing we think about. When Terri Orbuch stated that ‘’Romantic relationships begin with a lot of sharing and excitement. But as time goes on children, elderly parents, exercise routines, volunteer work and even hobbies can push the relationships to the back burner. ‘’This statement really caught my attention, because it describes my finance’ and I communication right now. From my perspective self-disclosure is an important key to having an satisfaction in a relationship. Self-disclosure is the act of verbally or nonverbally revealing information about yourself to other people. Making Connection: Understanding Interpersonal Communication. Being able to express yourself and reveal information to other people is all apart of...
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