Can Vacation Help with Depression

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Marriage Pages: 2 (791 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Times have changed in the past twenty years, since the beginning of technology. Do you remember when the only way of getting in contact with someone was either by writing a letter, or calling on a payphone or home phone? Cellular phones have changed the way society functions. Texting have become a great distraction for every human, in one way or another. Texting will cause students to become distracted during class, it could also cause problems in relationships, and it could limit the amount of verbal communication between humans. I believe that this epidemic is to just happening in large cities, it is a global situation. As the author points out, a couple sitting at a restaurant, texting or specking with a third party, instead of carrying a conversation with one another. I believe this is the new form of sharing human contact in our society. I have witness a group of people going to a restaurant, and before they even placed an order, they started to take pictures of one another and of their surroundings. Soon after I notice that they shared their pictures with their social media families and friends. Throughout their dinner, the group of people continued to text and speck to third parties. Everyone seems to be walking around, without regards to their surroundings or even the people that surrounds them. This is not just a norm in large cities; it’s a situation that is happening in the world. This is a fast and easy way for people to stay in contact with friends and families; however it will takes away from picking up the phone and specking with your friends and families, which provides more human contact, then just sending a text. The author wrote of “people walking alone beside each other similarly distant.” I have seen this with many kind of relationships, parents walking with their children, even home health aides that are supposed to be caring for a client, are seen talking or texting while on the job. Human contact has become a thing of the...
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