Can Traditional Systems Of Healing Survive
Topics: Alternative medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine, Health care, Medicine, Native Americans in the United States / Pages: 6 (2574 words) / Published: Apr 12th, 2015

Can traditional systems of healing survive?
Growing up in a modern, western society has a strong influence and impact on our views. In particular, our views on healing systems. We are often encouraged to seek healing or treatments based on a biomedical research, and practices. This is based on the economic status of the society and personal finances, politics, and access to resources. In general, this tends to be promoted throughout communities as being more effective and efficient. Although, western healing systems tend to be the most preferable, there are many people who are open to other forms of healing, in order to achieve the best treatment. There seems to be an increasing interest on traditional healings, such as herbal medicine or Native American medicine which is further discussed in this essay. This essay compares biomedical western healing, to traditional Native American healing, and influential factors that may be involved with choosing a particular healing system.
Social authority, can greatly influence healing. In particular, authority figures, who are seen as more knowledgeable or professional. Joraleman (2010) has stated that status and authority can be used to promote healing systems. The social aspects could also be based on the societal norms. Professional healthcares are promoted more, as opposed to alternative or traditional healing systems. Biomedical treatments, are to promoted to seem as the preferable choice, in effectiveness in terms of trusted professionals and speed of service and recovery. Personally, I have always used western or biomedical healing. I have a problem with my back, lumbar spondylolysis, which results in almost constant back pain. I have consulted my doctor, who referred me to get an x-ray, I then went to a specialist, who referred me to get an MRI, which will resulted in another consultation with the specialist. I have had pain medication for my back, but it has not had any effect. Although, I only experienced,

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