Can Social Conscience be Taught? IIMs Should Make One Year of Social Service Compulsory

Pages: 2 (376 words) Published: February 28, 2014

India is a country full of disparity. It is a home to world’s leading millionaire and also a home to world’s largest slums and poor. Few elites enjoys the luxuries at par with the most developed countries while half of the population lacks basic amenities of food, shelter, education, portable water and sanitation. India needs to bridge this gap between the poor and rich, benefited and marginalized as soon as possible. For this, country’s future managers and leaders can play a vital role in providing social service to these people.

IIMs, country’s one the most prestigious institution, can make a compulsory social service for all for the welfare of the weaker section of the society. A compulsory course of social service and corporate social responsibility (CSR) should be designed in parallel with the existing regular course. Students should be made sensitive towards problems of the poor and impart them with the sense of responsibility they have towards the weaker sections. Students can be given real-life projects under this course and will learn how to deal with the people, intellectually lower than them. IIM Raipur has taken prompt steps in this direction and has made a compulsory course on business ethics and corporate social responsibility.

For being a good and successful leader or manager, one of the most important quality that he or she should possess is understanding the needs and problems of the masses. Listening to their problems will bring a leader closer to them, educating them with the contemporary process followed in various fields like procuring subsidized food, opening of a bank account, getting lower interest loan and other benefits.

Few of the impediments that IIMs should take care of is the inclusion of an extra course of corporate social responsibility impede the learning of core subjects. The schedule of students, which is jam-packed even before the inclusion of...
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