Can Mortal Human Beings Truely Be Happy?

Topics: Meaning of life, Nicomachean Ethics, Happiness Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Can mortal human beings truly be happy?
In order to know if mortal human beings can truly be happy first one must know what happiness is. Aristotle stated in his Nicomachean Ethic book that “Happiness is the ultimate goal of mankind.” If one cannot find happiness they are not fully fulfilled in the lives that they live. “Happiness can only come from leading a virtuous life”; meaning that true happiness, which is the supreme good cannot be found unless one is living an excellent life. Aristotle believed that happiness was the highest good and the end at which all our activities aim at, although most ends are means toward other ends. That it is was not something which is static but is an activity. He believed that people searched high and low for most of their life trying to find true happiness. He is noted stating the following: “Everyone who is not totally corrupt can learn the way to happiness; but it does not come free. Meaning that one who is not completely full of sin and awfulness can still find happiness, although in order to learn the way to happiness they will have to give a lot in return. “Potentiality, within everything, people included there exist a natural evolution toward fulfilling its own potential in essence becoming its own form.” Aristotle believed in happy mediums and that, moderation was a major virtue due to it keeping one free from vice, and free to work towards ones potentiality. This is not to be mistaken for ambition and getting ahead in the material world, for he meant the exact opposite. He was referring to an innate forward motion of potentiality that unconsciously drove all things in the universe, people included. For us as humans are constantly potentializing even when we don’t realize we are doing it. He states that this is the path and the goal of a person living the truly virtuous and happy life. “A movement in nature and in humans from imperfection to perfection, or as close as anything gets to perfection [is a movement...
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