Can Machines Think?

Topics: Thought, Artificial intelligence, Brain Pages: 3 (1293 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Can Machines Think?
Draft due: 2/25/13
Final draft due: 3/1/13
Introduction to Philosophy Section 05G Spring 2013 CO

In the articles of Computing Machinery and Intelligence by Turing and Minds, Brains, and Programming by Searle, many different arguments are made for and against the claim, can machines think? Now just as they did in their articles, I will explain what I mean by machine and think. A machine is a mechanical object designed by human beings to assist us in our lives. And when I say think I mean the ability to feel emotion and reason through problems as humans do. With that being said I do not believe machines can think like humans for numerous reasons. Some of which will be discussed shortly. Turing’s test also known as the imitation game is supposed to show that machines can have the ability to think just as a human does. Turing believed that intelligence should be credited to anything that shows the same behavior as that of intelligent humans. In this game it is supposed to prove that a machine can imitate a human. So well in fact that if you were interrogating it without hearing or seeing it, you would mistake it for a human. So as a result if this were to occur the machine’s ability to deceive you meant that the machine could think. We all should be able to agree that humans are imperfect. So why would we think that humans could create a machine that thinks just as we do? Mrs. Edwards posted this on the discussion board: “… I see machines as limitations of the data that they have been provided by humans and as such not capable of output that has not been predetermined by human intelligence…” (2/19/13). This is very similar to my thinking. Even if thinking machines were possible, would humans ever be able to create one? With all our mental limitations could it be possible that we could ever clear the bugs and glitches in such a complex machine? I think not. Look at our great technology today. We have smart phones and tablets that are full of...

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